Thoughts From Toby

Last weekend was our Church Family Retreat at YBC, and I know that those who took part in it were blessed by being there! It rained all weekend, and we narrowly missed snow, but it was a wonderful time of fellowship and growth. I know that I’m already looking forward to next year’s retreat!

One of the ideas that struck me from the video lessons was the concept of geometric growth. Rick Atchley pointed out how, with dominoes, the force created by setting them up and knocking them over allows for an individual domino to knock over a domino that is 1.5 times larger than itself. So if you begin with a domino the size of a tic-tac, and each subsequent domino increases in size 1.5 times greater than the domino before it, after 13 dominoes, the force created can topple a domino that is more than 3 feet tall and weighing about 100 pounds. If you were to keep this trend going, after just 29 dominoes, you could knock over a domino the size of the Empire State Building! Rick pointed out that that’s how spiritual growth works - it’s geometric, rather than linear. The encouragement I get from that object lesson is — even if you start small in your relationship with God, the disciplines you practice can lead to immense growth! The question I ask myself, and that I’d ask you to consider is this: What small step can I take today that can start a domino effect of spiritual growth in my life? May each of us look for opportunities to grow in our relationship with God!