Thoughts From Toby

Several years ago, I had the privilege of watching a Harding University graduate, who I had
classes with and was acquainted with personally, play in the Super Bowl. It was 2008, when
the Giants defeated the Patriots. I watched the game with a group of friends, and we began
with a little friendly competition. Everybody selected who they thought would win and
submitted their guess at the final score, and whoever was closest was to win a prize. This was
the season that the Patriots had finished undefeated in the regular season, and had blown
through their opponents on their way to the Super Bowl. Needless to say, the Patriots were
highly favored to win. However, because of my acquaintance with my former classmate, I
selected the Giants to win. When the Giants somehow defeated the Patriots, my friends and I
took a look at all of our choices, and I was the only one who picked the Giants! Now… I know
it’s a bit of a stretch, and the metaphor falls apart quickly, but isn’t it almost counterintuitive
to choose a life of faith in our world today? Isn’t it, in many respects, going against the grain
of society? Yet the promise is that there is an unimaginable prize for those who endure. May
we learn to press on, despite the forces that seek to defeat us, as we come to realize that God
is faithful, and no force in all creation is strong enough to defeat him.