Thoughts From Toby

An Attitude of Gratitude

"Do everything without grumbling or arguing." -Philippians 2: 14

I don't know about you, but I have disobeyed that verse a time or two in my life. Okay, I've probably disobeyed it a time or two just today. It's just so easy to grumble and argue about what we're doing, whether to one another, or just in our own mind. In fact, we read those words as having implication for the things we say to one another, and they certainly do, but both words carry the connotation of murmuring to one's own self. If we don't allow the grumbling and arguing to occur in our own minds, we stand a better chance of not grumbling and arguing with one another.

What is the solution to grumbling and arguing? What is the remedy to a mind filled with complaining? Gratitude! When we approach life, not with a sense of entitlement, but with a sense of being grateful for all the blessings we have, grumbling and arguing fall away from our minds and tongues. What caused the Israelites to grumble and complain in the wilderness? They had lost the sense of gratitude for the many provisions God had given them, so they grumbled. May we not be so short sighted!

Take some time this week and reflect on what you do have in this life. How does that change the way you think about what you don't have? Seek to let an attitude of gratitude influence your reaction to life's circumstances, and let that attitude help you as you seek to "do everything without grumbling or arguing."

Wednesday Evening Study: Proverbs 2-4