Thoughts From Toby

The Keeper of Peace

We are in full YBC-prep mode, leading up to our camp which begins next weekend. As such, I have been giving a lot of thought to the lesson that I will be presenting for one of the evening chapel times. I’m really looking forward to hearing from all of the speakers, but I’m especially excited about my lesson topic, which has to do with seeking the peace of God in a world full of chaos. This topic is deeply meaningful to me, and I hope to convey the importance of such a pursuit during my talk. Since the weeks leading up to camp can get a bit chaotic with prep work, it’s been a good reminder to me that God is a God of peace.

As I’ve been preparing for my lesson, I’ve had a song stirring around in my mind, and wanted to share a few lines from it. The song is called “PEACE” by the worship group Hillsong Young & Free. Musical artists can have a way of poetically putting into words powerful thoughts. This is one of those instances for me. May you be blessed by these words, whatever chaos you are facing.

“I’ve found peace far beyond all understanding

Let it flow when my mind’s under siege

All anxiety bows in the presence

Of Jesus the keeper of peace

And peace is a promise he keeps”