Thoughts From Toby

An Unexpected Display of Gratitude

I watched an Inside Edition segment recently which told the story of a woman in her 30’s who was abandoned in a Burger King bathroom back in 1986. The whole segment was on abandoned babies, which was so terribly heart-wrenching to watch, but they paid special attention to this young lady because she experienced some sort of resolution. Not too long ago, she put a photo and message up on social media with the hopes that her biological mother would see it. She explained the circumstances and location of her abandonment, and her message was shared across social media. Surprisingly, her biological mother saw the post and came forward. The two were reunited, where the mother explained the circumstances that led her to do such a thing, stating that she knew someone would find her in that bathroom and get her some help. The most amazing part of the whole encounter, to me, was that the daughter turned to her mom and said, “Thank you for not throwing me away.” I could not believe it… there were so many other things I was expecting to hear from the mouth of the daughter, but for her to thank her mother for not throwing her away, that hit me. And I thought, what sort of perspective on life must you have to respond with such gratitude? And why am I often so ungrateful? May we all come to recognize just how much we have to be thankful for. Perhaps we can start with just being thankful for life itself.