Thoughts From Toby

September is almost here, which means that we are gearing up to launch our LIFE Groups for this next year. This is a great opportunity to spend some time together during the week in a small group, growing in our love for God and for one another. I remember, years ago, learning the meaning of the “LIFE” acronym, which I think sums up what we are trying to accomplish with these groups. L-I-F-E stands for Love-Involvement-Fellowship-Evangelism, and those are the key attributes that we seek to incorporate in and glean from these groups. LIFE Groups are another opportunity for us to “do life” together, as a family.

I hope that you will consider joining one of the groups, not only for what you can get out of it, but also for what you can bring to the table. The truth is, we need each other. We can sometimes forget that, but it’s true. Being a member of the family of God entails not only being able to lean on others in our times of need, but being there for others to lean on in their times of need. LIFE Groups are the perfect place for that relationship of mutuality to grow.

I would encourage you to take a look at the sign-up sheets in the lobby, pick one of the groups, sign up to attend, and prioritize that time during the week. There are a few groups meeting in homes around town, along with one meeting at the church building, on Wednesday evenings which will spend time each week sharing burdens and triumphs, praying together, and taking a deeper dive into the topic presented in the sermon from the previous Sunday morning. There is also a group that will be meeting on Tuesday evenings which will be reading and discussing a book that is aimed at spiritual formation. In addition to these, there is a Young Adult group that meets each Wednesday evening, discussing topics that are chosen by the group. I know that any of these groups would be a blessing to you, and I know that any of them would be blessed by your presence. Join us as we grow together in groups!

September 4th. - L.I.F.E. Group Kickoff & Potluck at the Church Building at 6:00 pm.
September 10th. - Tuesday L.I.F.E. Group begins.
September 11th. - Wednesday L.I.F.E. Groups begin.