Thoughts From Toby

The Impact of the Church

“The failure of Christianity is a modern myth, and we shouldn’t be ashamed of telling the proper story of church history, which of course has plenty of muddle and wickedness, but also far more than we normally imagine of love and creativity and beauty and justice and healing and education and hope. To imagine a world without the gospel of Jesus is to imagine a pretty bleak place.”
—NT Wright

What good is the church? It is, after all, filled with hypocrites and legalists and sinners. Perhaps you have heard such reasoning in our world today. Perhaps you yourself have made such claims. And there is a bit of truth to that, isn’t there? We should never stop challenging each other to grow in our Christlikeness, seeking to more adequately reflect the love of God to those around us. And yet, as scholar NT Wright reminds us in the quote above, the church is also responsible for ushering in many of the positive values we strive for in our human societies today. The gospel is truly revolutionary, and has made, and continues to make, an immeasurable impact on the world. As we walk together in this journey of faith, may we
continue to discover who God is calling us to be in our community. May we seek to be a church that upholds the gospel, the good news of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. And may we seek to participate in what God is up to in the world and in our community by practicing mercy, forgiveness, and love. Such a pursuit leaves us in a position to make a lasting impact in the world.