What to expect?

This is a place where it is okay to be broken. But we don't want to stay broken. We want this to be a place where the broken finds healing through the Great Physician. We want you to feel like you belong; like the church is your home. Please, come as you are! Here are some things to expect during your visit with us:

Upon walking into the church, there will be a greeter who will hand you a bulletin filled with information.  There was also be coffee served-for free! Please, help yourself!


Classes begin at 9:30am. We have several classes available:

  1.  Adults. Adults meet in the main auditorium. Here, we cover various topics and discuss the Bible in-depth in order to find relevant meaning and application for today.
  2. Teens. There is a class available for teens on the northwest end of the church. This class is taught by two of our volunteers, both of whom are elementary and high school teachers. Their main goal is to help our teens better understand their faith and grow in Jesus.
  3. Children. There is a children's class available for multiple ages. The greeter will be more than glad to assist you if you have any questions!


Worship begins at approximately 10:30am. Dress however you are comfortable! We want you to come as yourself. At the Hanford church of Christ, we sing with just our voices because of the harmony that brings us a strong sense of unity during worship. It also sounds beautiful! Additionally, we partake in the Communion to commemorate our Savior's death and resurrection. This is a time we come together to break bread and meditate on what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross.  Finally, expect a sermon designed to help you find meaningful application from the Scriptures.